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Farm Worker Job

Farm Worker Job What You Need to Know Before Applying

Farm workers play a crucial part in the agriculture industry. A farm worker’s job is physically demanding. It is enjoyable for those who love to work with crops and livestock and many find it a difficult task to do. However, these farmworkers have a major role in our lives as they produce the food that we consume on daily basis.

Who is a Farm Worker?

A farm worker is responsible to harvest, cultivate, and maintain crops on the farm. They also have to look after livestock. In some cases, the responsibility of maintaining irrigation systems and equipment related to the farm also lies upon a farm worker. They may have to work on a variety of different farm types like small family farms and large-scale commercial farms. Sometimes a farm worker is employed as a migrant and he has to travel to different farms throughout the year to perform seasonal tasks.

Duties of a Farm Worker

Farm workers are employed on a full-time or seasonal basis, the specific duties of a farm worker depend on the type of farm and what crops are being grown on the farm. The work condition also varies from farm to farm some farm workers are provided the latest equipment and facilities while others may have to work more primitively. The primary duties of a farm worker job include:

  • Planting: Farm workers are responsible for planting seeds, seedlings, or bulbs. The task also includes preparing the soil with hands or a machine.
  • Cultivation: Another major duty of farm workers is to take care of crops as they grow it includes weeding, pruning, and fertilizing them.
  • Harvesting: They have to pick fruits and vegetables with their hands or with machines.
  • Livestock care: Feeding, watering, and taking care of health-related issues of the livestock on the farm also comes under the major duties of farm workers.
  • Irrigation: Repairing leakage pipes, adjusting flow rates, and monitoring the irrigation system is also the responsibility of farm workers.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintenance of farm equipment such as tractors, plows, and harvesters also comes up on farm workers.
  • Pest and disease control: Farm workers are also responsible for taking safety measures such as using pesticides or natural predators.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation: They are also responsible for the cleaning farm and sanitizing tools and equipment used at the farm.
  • Record Keeping: To improve the operational work on the farm they may have to keep records like crop yields, and tasks performed on daily basis.

Qualifications Required:

Qualifications required for a farm worker job abroad vary from country to country and farm to farm. some countries require specific skills and education and some ask for experienced individuals. Some farms require physically demanding individuals while others require experienced ones. However, some major requirements are as follows:

Physical Fitness:

The farm duties require individuals who are physically fit. They are able to lift heavy objects, work long hours, and perform repetitive tasks.


Most farms ask for experienced individuals who had worked before on a farm. They may ask for individuals who are previously worked in related fields or are familiar with tasks performed on farms.

Language Proficiency:

Employers may ask for specific language proficiency depending on the country. Farm workers have to speak in the local language for effective communication with other staff at the farm

Medical Examination:

In some countries, a medical examination is required to pass for work on the farm. This examination includes tests for certain diseases or conditions.

Applying for the Farm Worker Position

Applying for a farm worker job in developed countries is more fruitful as compared to underdeveloped countries. In developed countries, farm workers tend to earn higher wages than in less developed countries. Also, countries having robust labor laws also pay their farm workers high in contrast to those having weak labor protections. Before applying for any farm worker job make sure to research these things too and save yourself from future hustles. The following guide will help you in applying for a farm worker job abroad.

Research Available Positions:

When you are applying for a farm worker job abroad the first thing that you will need to look at is available positions. research current openings of farm workers and countries where they are located. There are many trustful organizations and agencies in countries that are responsible for recruitment and hiring manpower. Look for an organization that is hiring farm workers in your desired country and check their current openings. Then look into eligibility criteria to meet requirements.

Submit Your Application:

Once you select your desired job and meet its requirements, it’s time to prepare and submit your application for the job. Prepare the material that is required for the application like a resume, cover letter, experience, and other relevant documents. Sometimes your agency will ask for specific documents for the application process. The requirements of the documents differ from country to country.

Participate in the Selection Process:

Once your job application is processed successfully, you will be notified. Then you have to participate in the selection process. You will have to pass the interview for the selection. The interview may be held through voice or a video call, prepare yourself for the interview. They may ask some common questions from the relevant field, company, and country.

Complete Paperwork After Job Offer:

After getting selected when you get your job offer you will need to complete important paperwork. This will include getting a visa for your desired work destination as well as a work permit for the country. As this procedure may require several weeks, we suggest you plan ahead and start this process as soon as possible.

In conclusion, farmworker plays a vital part in the agriculture sector of the country but working as a farm worker in a foreign comes with challenges. You have to sharpen enough in your research before applying to this position abroad. Research the labor laws of the desired country as well as the living cost of the country you are applying for. Make sure to calculate the cost of food, housing, traveling, and other necessities of life when you are abroad. We also suggest you consider your safety and well-being while working abroad, and consider the risk of exposure to pesticides and other chemicals that are used in agriculture.

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