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Security Guard Jobs Abroad for Filipino (1)

Security Guard Jobs Abroad for Filipino

If you are a job seeker and looking for a security guard job abroad then the below article will not only help you in preparing yourself for the position but also guide you about how to apply for security guard jobs abroad especially if you are Filipino or a citizen of any other country.

Security Guard Job:

Security guards are responsible for the safety and security maintenance of assigned workplaces which can be residential buildings, commercial properties, or events. They have to respond to security-related incidents along with monitoring security cameras as well as other assigned duties by the employer like patroling or investigations.

Duties of Security Guard:

The duties of security guards may vary from security company to company however, some primary duties are the same in many companies some of them are:

  • Assisting visitors and providing them with customer services.
  • Monitoring the assigned area may include patrolling.
  • Detecting any suspicious activity and security breaching.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of security cameras and other surveillance equipment.
  • Quick response to alarms and emergency situations.
  • Keeping records of security-related documents.

Preparing for a Security Guard Job:

If you want to apply for a security guard job abroad then you have to prepare yourself for this position. Below is the guide that will help you to prepare yourself for the best way to get a security guard job abroad.

Meet the Qualifications:

Many countries require specific qualifications for the position of security guard. Make sure you are meeting the required qualifications for the desired job. The eligibility criteria may include age limit, high school certificate along with certain knowledge of the required language according to the country.

Be Physically Fit:

For the security guard job individual should be mentally active and physically fit. Make sure you are physically strong and meet the required criteria for height and weight.

Get Certified:

Many employers want certified individuals for the position. Get yourself certified by a recognized organization and also get a certificate from a relevant authority that describes your clean criminal record.

Polish your Skills:

Brush up on the skills that will help you in your job. Focus on improving your communication and problem-solving skills. Also, research other skills that are crucial in the security guard’s job like customer services and security maintenance.

Familiarize with Equipment:

In the security guard job, you have to be familiar with security equipment. Familiarize yourself with CCTV cameras, metal detectors, and other technology that is used in the security departments.

Get Experience:

Besides getting skills you have to gain experience for the relevant position. Many foreign security companies hire experienced security guards. Before applying for a foreign job gain experience as a security guard in local companies in your country. You can also do internships in security companies if you are fresher.

Application for a Security Guard Jobs Abroad as a Filipino:

When you are applying for a security guard job abroad as a Filipino you have to know that there are multiple ways through which you can send your application but before sending your application you have to find a suitable job, meet the requirements, and prepare yourself for the job. Following are some steps that will help you in applying for a security guard job abroad as a Filipino.

Research Companies:

Before applying to any job or registering yourself with any agency make sure you have completed your research about security companies in depth. Look for companies that are hiring security guards from your country.

Register Yourself with the Agency:

You can register yourself with POEA as a job seeker or you can apply through a private agency. If you are applying through a private agency make sure to check its credibility and whether it’s approved by POEA or not.

Meet The Requirements:

As we had already mentioned that requirements may differ from company to company and hence meet the requirements of the job which you are applying for. Make sure you meet the required qualification, fitness, and experience for the job. Some agencies may ask you for a high school certificate or equivalent qualification and some may ask you for an experience or training certificate.

Gather Required Documents:

Once you are registered with an agency gather the required documents which are NBI clearance, police clearance, School certificates, experience certificates, as well as a resume and cover letter. The requirement of the documents differ from country to country but most primary documents are the same as mentioned.

Apply for the Security Guard Jobs Abroad:

You can apply for the job directly on the company portal or it can be done by an agency the application process differs from agency to agency and job to job. Once your application is accepted you will be called for an interview. It can be through a video call or the agency will take it on behalf of the employer.

Get Your Training:

If the company selects you for the security guard position you will receive your hiring letter and in some cases, you may have to go through some training before your deployment.

A foreign security job is a great opportunity for those who want to gain international experience. A security guard job comes with multiple advantages like handsome salary packages, job stability, and flexible schedules. On the other hand, there is also a difficult phase of this position like long duty hours, isolation, risk of injury, and limited growth. However, if you are applying for a security guard job abroad make sure to prepare yourself well focus on your skills and register yourself with POEA approved agency for getting the job. Non-approved agencies may scam you and it’s illegal to apply for a job through these unverified agencies.

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