Anesthesia Technologist at SSMC Abu Dhabi

SSMC is presently hiring for the role of Anesthesia Technologist with a BSc in Anesthesia and 3 years of experience at Ghweifat International Highway Next to Mafraq Hospital, Al Mafraq area, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In this job, the selected candidate is responsible for helping with the installation, tracking and recording all anaesthesia equipment. Maintenance of anaesthesia equipment, infusion pumps, and respiratory equipment is part of this process. The salary offered by the company is 3500-4500 AED. Both males and females can apply. This job ID number is 444. This job announcement date is May 7, 2024.

Responsibilities of Anesthesia Technologist at SSMC

  • Participates in the daily preparation and reconfiguration of the anaesthetic environment, which includes all anaesthesia equipment and materials for anecdotal procedures
  • Participates in transferring and positioning the patient to the operating room to prevent pressure injuries and moves them to either the PACU or ICU.
  • Every day, preparations are made for the rooms; all anaesthetic devices should be regulated and checked
  • Prepare and administer intravenous anaesthetics under the direct supervision of an anaesthetist
  • Assist in the resuscitation of the patient in emergencies by anticipating evolving circumstances.
  • Collect and analyze blood samples from the patient utilizing Point-of-Care Testing.
  • Administer blood and other blood products if necessary to optimize patient care.
  • Preparing for the next case: Clean and disinfect all used equipment in the operating room.
  • Adequate environmental safety and infection control measures  implemented for all patients to ensure the best possible treatment.


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