Head Orthopedic at NMC Royal Hospital Abu Dhabi

NMC Royal Hospital

NMC is presently hiring for the role of Head Orthopedic at Royal Hospital Abu Dhabi. This role is responsible for participating in the planning and implementation of integrated preventive-curative medical care programs for the unit. Performs the professional duties of an orthopaedic surgeon. This job ID number is 3956.


  • Responsible for implementing a unit-specific quality improvement and patient safety program/initiative
  • Responsible for identification, selection and monitoring of measures specific to the department or service, assess data, plan change, and sustain improvements in quality and patient safety
  • Responsible for ensuring complete and timely training and education of staff on quality improvement processes such as but not limited to, prevention and control of infection, emergency disaster response, fire safety, Hazmat, spill management, etc.
  • Responsible for monitoring and coordination of the quality improvement and patient safety program and
  • Responsible for monitoring incidents and sentinel events, taking action and to sustain, to improving safety in
    response to events
  • Responsible for supporting a culture of safety program and implementing, monitoring, and taking action to improve the
    program in the department
  • Responsible for carrying out the evaluation/performance appraisal for the staff in their department
  • Performs all management functions common to the Group level as established by management.
  • Provides day-to-day direction and professional guidance to the members of the group. These may include locums.
  • Supervises the day-to-day orthopaedic surgical activities to ensure the established medical, ethical and legal procedures are followed.
  • Ensure implementation of applicable DOH, NMCRH OSHMS and infection control policies and standards
  • Designating a Safety facilitator who will be responsible for coordinating OSH activities within the department.
  • Regularly discuss OSH issues or matters in departmental/ management meetings
  • Ensure the provision of OSH information, training and Supervision
  • Implement and monitor the effectiveness of the risk management program


  • Graduation from an approved medical school plus internship
  • Three years residency in orthopaedics culminating in procuring a Post-Graduate Master’s degree and equivalent Fellowships approved by DOH.
  • Five or more years of exclusive practice as an Orthopedic since certification.
  • Must have a DOH License to practice.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of medical services policies and procedures, U.A.E. law and regulations, and company policies and procedures.

Salary package

  • The Salary offered by the company for the job of Head Orthopedic is 35000-45000 AED.

Consultant Medicine in NMC Provita Abu Dhabi

To apply for this job please visit eiby.fa.em2.oraclecloud.com.

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