Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration(POEA) is the government organization of the Philippine that regulates and promotes overseas employment. The agency was established in 1975 under the labor code of the Philippines. The agency works under the Department of labor and employment (DOLE) and its administrator is appointed by the president of the Philippines.

The POEA is responsible for the deployment of Overseas Filipino workers(OFWs) it also promotes the latest overseas job openings through its platform. The agency approves various jobs from different countries for Filipino workers including sea-based, land-based, and domestic jobs.

POEA also issues a license to private recruitment agencies to maintain fair overseas employment for Filipino workers. A POEA-approved private agency is reliable for getting Overseas employment whereas there is a risk of scams and it’s illegal to approach a non-approved private agency.

Functions of Philippine Overseas Employment Administration(POEA):

The primary functions of POEA include providing the right job opportunities to those Filipino workers who are interested in foreign jobs. The agency provides a database of job openings around the world in various countries like the United States, the Middle East, Australia, and Canada. The database of POEA also provides relevant information about each job opening including required qualifications, salaries, and other included benefits.

The agency is also responsible for the protection of Filipino workers’ rights whether land-based or sea-based. For this purpose, the POEA introduce its Help Desk which is providing assistance to Filipino workers who are working abroad and face any difficulties. The Repatriation and Assistance Division provide help in case of financial difficulties.

The agency also looks after the activities of recruitment and placement agencies. These placement agencies are provided licenses by POEA and they have to follow the guidelines of POEA for their operations. The POEA inspects these agencies whether they are working accordingly or not and handles complaints and issues.

Besides land-based activities, the POEA also looks after sea-based jobs. The agency monitors the welfare of seafarers and marine engineers.

The agency also introduces various trainings and programs through which they support employers and recruitment agencies to work efficiently.

How to Apply for POEA Jobs Online:

When you are applying for a foreign job through POEA online you may find it a little bit difficult. We are here to help you to apply for POEA jobs online.

  • Head toward the official website of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Then click on the “Job Seeker” tab.
  • Then select your desired country in which you are looking for a job in the “Job opportunities” option
  • Browse job openings and then thoroughly check the one that suits you the most.
  • If you are eligible for the job, you can apply for the job by registering as a job seeker on the POEA website.
  • For registration, create a username and password by providing your personal information in the required dialogue box.
  • After registration, you can apply for the job by filling out forms and attaching your resume and other required documents.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation email and after reviewing your application the recruitment agency will contact you for an interview.

The process of application through the online portal may change with the passage of time so it will be best to visit the official site and follow the guidelines for job application. We advise candidates who are applying through private agencies to verify the agency through the POEA portal. There are many private agencies that claim that they are approved by POEA but in reality, they are scammers and it’s illegal to apply through these agencies.