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NMC is presently hiring suitably qualified and experienced candidate for the role of Pharmacist . Purpose of job is to carry out functions of selecting, procuring, storing, distribution, preparing, dispensing, administering, documenting and monitoring of pharmaceutical agents in the hospital. This job ID number is 3513.


  • Dispensing medications to patients after checking and counseling.
  • Calling physicians to clarify a prescription when in doubt.
  • Prepare and /or oversees the preparation and dispensing of prescription medication to patients or medical practitioners.
  • Suggests in generic substitution of prescribed pharmaceuticals.
  • Oversees the procurement, acquisition, storage and disbursal of drugs and medications.
  • Adheres to storage protocols and maintains records as per requirements.
  • Reviews patient history and make assessments regarding probable reactions, allergies etc and communicate to concerned clinician.
  • Follow established departmental policies, framework, procedures and participate in QI progress.
  • Adhere to HAAD requirements and meet insurance documentation requirements.
  • Monitoring near expiry/expired medication and take necessary steps for disposal as per prescribed procedures.
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient information
  • Supports the formulary and restricted drugs program
  • Supports the requirements of intravenous drug preparation program.
  • Dispensing and register controlled and compounded prescriptions on their special books.
  • Keeping custody of controlled medication and abidance with its laws and regulations.
  • Continuously monitors and keeps track of all controlled medication, narcotics and antidotes. Maintain clear records of procurement, storage and disbursal/disposal of these.
  • Assess and review possibilities of drug interactions and advise prescribing doctors accordingly. Also provide supporting input regarding side effects, dosage and proper medication use and storage
  • Check for drug-drug, drug-food/beverage, drug-disease interactions and update respective clinicians.


  • Successfully completed and holds an accredited recognized BSc. in Pharmacy.
  • Holds a current and valid license to practice as a Pharmacist in home country.
  • Must have HAAD License to practice.
  • 2 years experience as a Pharmacist
  • Excellent command of oral and written English.
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of medical ethics

Pharmacist in American Hospital Dubai

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