Nurse CICU in SSMC Abu Dhabi is responsible for the coordination of nursing care, including direct patient care, patient/family education and transitions of care. This job ID number is 54.


  • Applies the principles of professional codes of ethics that ensure individual rights in all areas of Practice:
  • Maintains a professional and therapeutic nurse-patient relationship and serves as a patient advocate assisting patients and families in developing skills for self-advocacy.
  • Speaks up to question healthcare practices as appropriate for safety and quality improvement.
  • Discloses any observed illegal or incompetent practices and decisions made by potentially impaired health care staff per organizational policy.
  • Evaluates own nursing practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, rules and regulations.
  • Considers factors related to effectiveness, cost, environmental health, and impact on practice and organization.
  • Utilizes current resources related to standards of care, policies and procedures, and patient needs. · Navigates and utilizes electronic resources for information retrieval, communication, and documentation.
  • Evaluates factors related to patient safety, effectiveness, availability, and cost when determining practice options.
  • Promotes a practice environment that reduces environmental health risks for staff.
  • Communicates environmental health risks and exposure reduction strategies to healthcare consumers, families, colleagues, and communities.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and education for self and others and mentors healthcare team members for the advancement of nursing practices, the profession, and quality healthcare.
  • Oversees and responds to all levels of emergencies according to the organizations policies and procedures.


  • Bachelor degree in nursing OR
  • Degree in Nursing (minimum two (2) years course duration) AND Registration as a Registered Nurse from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia
  • a. NLT 2 years clinical experience post qualification as a Nurse
  • AND valid/current national license.
     Nurse Medical Wing in SSMC Abu Dhabi

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