Clerk Pharmacy in American Hospital Dubai

American Hospital

Clerk Pharmacy in American Hospital Dubai is responsible to maintain inventory for the pharmacy department. To check all medications and other pharmacy items kept in the storeroom. This job ID number is 2081.


  • Encourages teamwork by showing initiative, being knowledgeable in all aspects of the daily running and administration of the inventory functions.
  • Pro-active in the management of out-of-stock or short delivered items, and reports such problems to supervisor.
  • Takes initiative in keeping storage areas neat and keeping an updated list of items stored in locations other than pharmacy.
  • Monitors supplier price lists and bonus schemes and kept records up to date.
  • Demonstrates self-direction, creativity and professional judgment
  • Prioritizes daily duties to ensure urgent orders and/or stock-related issues are entered/resolved in a timely fashion.
  • Shows responsibility by entering GRN’s as soon as stock with invoice is delivered, to ensure charging can be done.
  • Shows initiative in preparing for inventory.
  • Able to look up GRN-history, usage, net price, sales price, etc.
  • Able to print excel sheet with all required information.
  • Able to calculate net price, sales price, incorporate bonus, etc.
  • Able to print inventory sheets, enter count to the system, perform all other duties related to taking of inventory bi-annually.
  • Familiar with all protocols and procedures for receiving stock.
  • Familiar with all protocols and procedures for handling returned or expired stock or exchange for handling (‘stock swap’).
  • Able to liaise with pharmaceutical companies regarding short-expired or expired stock.
  • Has a working knowledge of the medicom re-order system.
  • Performs any additional duties as required e.g. administration duties like filing, clerical work, photocopying, etc.
  • Works accurately (pack sizes correct, correct supplier when ordering, etc.).


  • For the jobs of Clerk High School Certificate is required.
  • Strong Computer skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Knowledge of JCIA or accreditation standards.


  • At least two years of working experience in the field of maintaining stock levels, receiving and entering inventories, doing inventory, etc.
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills.
  •  Ability to type at least 45 words per minute
  • Basic understanding of personal computers; computer literacy.
  • Knowledge of Middle Eastern customs is advantageous
  • Previous experience with pharmaceutical products and companies is advantageous.

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