Anesthesia Technologist in NMC Bareen Hospital Abu Dhabi

NMC Bareen International Hospital

Anesthesia Technologist in NMC Bareen International Hospital Abu Dhabi is accountable to assist the Anesthesiologist staff; to clean, organize, and to prepare anesthesia and monitoring equipment; and to maintain collaborative relationships with Anesthesiologists, operating room staff, vendors, and other hospital departments. This job ID number is 3912.


  • Assists with obtaining lab specimens and ABG’s. Is competent in the use of & quality assurance for Point of Care testing equipment.
  • Coordinates patient monitoring equipment availability with PACU and Critical Care units.
  • Works with perioperative team to facilitate a prompt room turnover.
  • Assembles anesthesia equipment and supplies needed for general/regional/local anesthesia.
  • Ensuring sterile technique, prepares anesthesia trays and assists with procedures.
  • Removes and appropriately disposes of supplies and equipment following procedures done by the anesthesia provider.
  • Performs cleaning, sterilization and decontamination of all non-disposable anesthesia related items.
  • Considers budget while maintaining sufficient stock, and reviews for outdates, supplies and non-scheduled drugs in the anesthesia workroom, machines, carts, and auxiliary anesthetizing locations.
  • Has understanding of medications commonly used in anesthesia including purpose, proper storage, generic and proprietary names and labeling requirements.
  • Coordinates with Pharmacy for out-of-stock drugs.
  • Utilizes working knowledge and operation of all equipment and monitors.
  • Performs routine checkout and upkeep of anesthesia equipment, inspects for damages and sends for repair or troubleshoots as needed.
  • Coordinates with Biomedical Engineering for maintenance and repair of anesthesia equipment and ensures adequate back-up of equipment at all times.
  • Coordinates trial, data collection and recommendations for purchase of new equipment.
  • Participates in relevant local, regional and national committees.
  • Confronts difficult or conflict situations constructively and seeks appropriate assistance.
  • Actively participates in departmental professional development and mentors’ anesthesia students.
  • Participates with the assessment of current and future learning needs and development of an annual educational plan.
  • Supports a collaborative labor-management environment.
  • Applies precautions; keeps a safe environment for self and others.
  • Practices customer service standards as defined by the service area, medical center, and specific department.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Consistently supports compliance, the Principles of Responsibility, and Maintains and protects patient confidentiality.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Anesthesia technology, Registered Nurse or Respiratory therapist and completion of post graduate anesthesia certification from nationally recognized program.
  • Anesthesia Technologist licensed by Health Authority Abu Dhabi (DOH)
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience post qualification as a Anesthesia Technologist

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