Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment Jobs

Overseas employment is a life changing opportunity for many Pakistanis. It will not only provide handsome salaries but also helps in gaining international experience. But as we all know that beautiful destinations comes with difficult paths in the same way getting overseas jobs is not an easy task. There are a lot of hardship that falls in front of person when he is on the way towards overseas employment.

We often see advertisement in newspapers or on social media platforms for foreign jobs. While applying for these opportunities for yourself, your friends or family one should be well aware of procedures along with authorities and agencies that are providing these opportunities. Here we are sharing a brief description about these recruiting agencies as well as authorities who are permitting them to hire manpower. 

Recruiting Agencies:

In Pakistan there are number of recruiting companies that are offering job opportunities to Pakistani workers in various fields across world in different countries. From doctors, Engineers, Architecture to labor and technical staff these agencies offers numbers of other job opportunities to well qualified, skilled, and unskilled individuals.

Overseas Employment License Provider: 

An individual should be well aware of authenticity of agencies through which they are getting foreign job. A licencse proves the authenticity of the agency . This license provider organization ensures that the entire process of overseas employment should be in legal and ethical manners.  

Bureau of Emigration and overseas employment is a well reputed agency of Federal Government of Pakistan working since 1971. It provides licenses to overseas employment promoters. OEC (Overseas Employment Corporation) is a Government of Pakistan’s organization that helps Pakistani workers in getting jobs to various countries around the world . OEC offers number of services that includes a job portal for job seekers, a visa processing center, and a training institute. You can register as a job seeker or as a foreign employer at OEC portal.

Beside Government organizations there are private organizations that are involve in overseas employment recruiting. These organizations are known as OEP (Overseas Employment Promoters). OEP are private entities that offers similar services as OEC. However, they are not owned by Government of Pakistan, instead they are licensed by Government of Pakistan. OEP helps individuals in getting work permit, visas, and other important documentation.

Role of OEPs in Overseas Employment:

 Like OEC OEP also works with international recruiting agencies and employers to explore job openings and match them with suitable Pakistani workers. OEP brings demands and reports to Protectorate of emigrants (Regional offices) here they are given recruiting permissions. After getting the permission, the demand is publish in newspapers along with permission numbers. Then the employer or his representative or OEP completes the recruiting procedures and the individuals will register with their relevant protector of emigrants. 

Here are some of valid licensed OEPs list:

  • Al-Hadait Industries
  • Peoples Recruiting Bureau
  • Eastern Commodities Corporation
  • Chaudhry Recruiting Agency
  • Al-Amal Company
  • Allied Services International Ltd.
  • Popular International Recruiting Agency
  • Continental Travels
  • Humayun Travel Service
  • Barlex Agencies
  • Tahir and Company
  • Jan Muhammad & Sons
  • Warraich Enterprises
  • Islamabad Air Services
  • Shameem Express

Verification of Employment and OEPs:

While you are getting international job through OEP you can easily check the credibility of employment as well as OEP through Bureau of Emigrant and Overseas employment’s website. You can check the credibility of employment through permission number by entering permission number. You can also check the status of OEP whether it’s license is valid or not and what is the performance of OEP in last years through the same portal. These simple steps will save you from getting scammed by these private recruitments companies.

Overseas Pakistani Jobs plays an important role in the economic success of the country. Individuals who are applying for foreign job through any channel should be well aware of role of OEPs as well as their credibility. Mostly people suffers a lot in the process by the hands of fraudulent agencies and individuals because they are not properly aware. Government of Pakistan is supporting overseas employment process with their Bureau of Emigration and overseas employment platform to help people of Pakistan in the procedure.